Our Dinner Menu


Sauteed chicken tenderloins with pistachio nut cream sauce 13.95
Tempura battered stuffed jalapenos with honey dijon sauce 13.95
Fresh maine crabcakes with cocktail sauce 14.95
Baked stuffed mushrooms with wine, shallot cream sauce 13.95
Tempura sea scallops and shrimp with dijon dip 14.95
Chilled shrimp cocktail 14.95
Crispy mozzarella with a marinara sauce 12.95
Chilled smoked shrimp with brie and apples 13.95
Sample platter
Maine crabcake, 2 stuffed jalapenos, 2 crispy mozzarella
Fresh vegetable medley tempura 13.95
Baked escargot in garlic butter 13.95
Fresh maine shrimp scampi over fettuccine 13.95
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All entrees include dinner salad, dressing choice, bread and butter, fresh vegetables and appropriate starch. (Baked potatoes are available for an additional charge)

Pork loin with apple glaze 28.95
Medallions of beef with brandied mushroom cream sauce 35.95
Grilled filet mignon with garlic glaze or blue cheese 39.95
Grilled sirloin strip steak with garlic glaze 35.95
Fresh pan seared sea scallops with shrimp over fettuccine alfredo sea scallops tempura with apricot mustard dip 29.95
Baked shrimp and sea scallops with wine and mushrooms 30.95
Pasta, brie and smoked shrimp warmed in orange basil sauce 27.95
Grilled cajun sea scallops in a honey mustard sauce 30.95
Fettuccine with fresh vegetables, alfredo style 22.95
Fettuccine with fresh vegetables, tossed with olive oil 20.95
Stir fry chicken tenderloins with fresh vegetables 25.95
Sauteed chicken breast with wine, lemon, capers and mushrooms 27.95
Cajun chicken breast with maine crabmeat cheddar cheese sauce apricot mustard chicken breast 29.95
Grilled herbed chicken breast over pasta 26.95
Our daily fresh catch - salmon, haddock
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All chicken is fresh, boneless, skinless breast meat. All beef is fresh usda choice. All seafood is fresh. we offer many other daily specials.
* Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

All prices subject to change, call us for most up-to-date pricing.